Massage ball set

  This massage ball set is unique.  If you already have a lacrosse ball, you are able to use that and dig into those pressure points that radiate pain.  The spiked ball, which is advertised as “soft spikes”, is actually hard plastic.  While this may sound unpleasant, correct usage of this set provides dramatic results.

During my plantar fasciitis days, it was very painful to walk.  It hurt like crazy to massage and some blood flowing, removing some of the scar tissue buildup.  By rolling my foot over a lacrosse ball, I was (painfully at the time) able to relieve the cause of my pain, which slowly but surely faded.

After purchasing this, I decided to give the spiked ball a try, and it worked wonders on my sciatic pain I get when I drive or sit for long periods of time.  The spiky ball is also working great on my shoulders, however I still love theracane for that part.

Because pain is often misunderstood, I’ve created a simplified version of pain that might be helpful to read over, as well as some insight as to why these tools are effective.

Overall, although this product can be purchased as lacrosse balls to get almost the same effect, the spiky ball does add some extra relief, and gets into the harder to reach areas.  This product is recommended for people on the go (hikers, bikers, road trips, workers on their feet all day, or anyone that could benefit from carrying around a trigger point release with them).

  Massage balls currently on sale on Amazon  ($15.97)

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Trigger Point Release

Trigger points are known as those pesky spots on our body that are hyper irritable. They are an extremely common cause of pain, and when pressed on can cause pain in another area. For instance, trigger points in the muscles of the shoulder neck and face are a common source of headaches. We are familiar with our upper shoulders (upper trapezius) being tight, which will feel good if someone massages it. This is an example of a self trigger point release, and is by far, my favorite.

Trigger points are part of the muscle spasm/pain cycle (Re-pain relief).  To rid yourself of muscle spasms, which cause more pain, there are various devices that we refer to as trigger point releases.

Below I have compiled a ranked list of tools actually used in clinics that can be purchased for use at home.  Being that there are so many items out there that claim they can “heal your pain”, I’ve tried to provide as much information as possible.

Theracane.  Theracane is by far one of the best shaped devices I’ve come across to remove mostly any muscle spasm.  Click here to learn some more information on it.

  Massage ball set (2 lacrosse balls, 1 trigger point ball with soft spikes).  Perhaps you don’t want to carry something big or heavy on you, but still want some pain relief on the go.  As a long distance hiker, I was able to use a lacrosse ball which fit easily into my pack, to relieve my pain.  Click here to learn some more information on the massage ball set.




Theracane is a popular item,  and enables the user to dig into hard to access areas, thus loosening the surrounding muscles.  A cane shaped massager for relieving aches and pains that applies pressure to sore muscles and trigger points.  Two strategically placed projections with 6 treatment balls, this cane is ideal for long work days or strenuous activities.  It measures 24 x 15 x 1 inches (W x H x D) and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Personally, I own this device and use it almost daily.  After seeing this in a clinic I worked in, I noticed all the therapists using it on their downtime and decided to give it a try.  It hurts so good!  I think its best feature is the hook with the ball on the end to dig deep into your upper traps, and around your neck.  Included is a “how to” guide which happens to be very informative.

This product can be found on amazon, and is not too pricey at $29.95

Link to the Theracane

Here is a sample map of trigger points found on the body, that this device mostly will be able to take care of.


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